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Exercise into your older years!

Wimbledon is just around the corner, make sure you get working for your strawberries & cream and Pimm's this year!

1987 Wimbledon champ and 5 time Grand Slam finalist Pat Cash has said “the key to longevity is maintenance” and while “the body normally does a good job of healing itself and getting the energy flowing again, massage, acupuncture, stretching and physiotherapy can all aid the body in its recovery”

It’s important we still aim to keep fit well into our older years, and while we may not be able to run around like we used to we can certainly still exercise and have fun with it too! As we age we just need to ensure we are thinking with longevity in mind and ajdusting our regimes accordingly, pilates is a great form of low impact exercise for building and maintaining strength and flexibilty. Fitness classes are also a great place to start if you’re in need of some guidance or to push you to the next level.

We hope you'll be tuning in to watch a bit of Wimbledon and perhaps even get inspired to pick up a racquet yourself!

Falls prevention. Not just for the older generation!

Falls prevention… It’s not just for the older generation! 

Brittle or weaker bones affect 1 in 3 ladies over the age of 50 and 1 in 5 men. 

Osteoporosis causes thinning of your bones. The causes are multifactorial and can affect anyone.

Studies have proved that regular exercise where you ‘stress’ your bones, by doing certain weighted and resistance exercises help increase or maintain bone density.

At Tavistock Physio clinics, we run classes at our rehab gym:

Falls prevention & Balance class

High quality small group Pilates classes

Strength and conditioning class

and more including 1:1 sessions with our skilled Chartered Physiotherapists

We would love the opportunity to help you enjoy your life

Call now for more information or to book a class or physiotherapy assessment

Everyday is a school day - CPD

We're always looking to expand our knowledge and practice!

Jane Hyde has just completed Pilates for Strength and Conditioning course; Sports Physiotherapy is all about getting you back to whatever your sport maybe, whether it’s walking your dog, cycling the Dartmoor Classic or running a marathon to name a few. If you are plagued with ongoing niggles or injuries that stop you achieving your best. We are here to help you.

As well as our manual therapy to help the healing process of any injuries, and reduce your pain,
We use movement analysis to help you to have more body awareness to understand your areas of weakness or lack of control Strength and conditioning through Precise, high quality Physio led Pilates can really help you either change your life or maintain your strength.

Are You a Weekend Gardener?

It’s that time of year again when we are thinking of getting out in the garden. Many of us have been in winter hibernation and our bodies have not been in training, ready for the sunshine and the onslaught of a whole day of digging, planting, carrying and watering.
We have a few tips that may help you, if you suffer from backache or body aches when digging or spending time in the garden.

1. Think of standing with a wider stance between your feet when you are digging.
2. Try to bend at your hips rather than with your back when you are pulling or lifting
3. If you are on your knees and struggle to get up, try split kneeling and pressing on to your front thigh to help you get back upright again
4. If your back begins to ache, change your position often, stop pulling brambles and change to planting seeds etc.
5. To try to ease your aching back try doing some small repeated gentle hula hoop type movements with your lower back.
6. If you’re pulling or digging and it feels hard, don’t do it! Try pacing yourself with small blocks of time rather than spending all afternoon at the same task!

If you’re still in trouble then physiotherapy, as well as easing any discomfort, can help you learn how to move your body in the most efficient and pain free way.

Come and join either, one of our Pilates classes or a Strength and Conditioning class to help get your body ready for whatever you are planning for your gardening or summer recreation and adventures.

Strength and Conditioning Functional Fitness Class

Wednesdays – two classes, 10.40am and 12.50am

@ Lamerton Rehab Gym

This class offers a safe strength and conditioning workout led by our Sports Chartered Physiotherapist Nikki Kidd. Tailored to each individual with levels to suit ALL AGES AND ABILITIES. A great all-round workout for men and women.

See our list of classes and Book Now

Balance and Mobility Class

Mondays 10.15-11.15am

This class is ideal to get you moving pre or post knee or hip operations. Also great for Falls Prevention and those with early Parkinson's.

It is also great exercise designed to help improve your walking confidence and reduce the risk of falls. This will help maintain your independence and enjoyment of day to day life around your home, garden and about town.

Enjoy a coffee with everyone after the class!

Please ring the clinic to book a place. If you're not quite sure, please book a free trial class so you can come along and judge for yourself.

See our list of classes and Book Now

Acupuncture Group - HALF PRICE!

First Tuesday of each month at 12:30pm

This is a very friendly and supportive group. Focusing on pain relief for knees, elbows, ankles and necks

See our list of classes and Book Now

Rehab Therapy Classes

All of our rehab and gym classes have been carefully selected to meet the needs of our members and patients. Run by fully qualified and experienced professionals who all share our ethos and thinking

Back Pain Management class Mondays both face to face and virtually from your own home

Hip/Knee Pilates Rehab class Tuesdays both face to face and virtually

Visit website

Face to face treatments available @ Lamerton, Yelverton and Tavistock 5 days per week

All our clinicians wear PPE in line with current industry guidelines.

For those who prefer it, we still offer online remote consultations and daily online zoom Pilates classes.

Zoom Class Schedule

Zoom Pilates classes 9am daily

Monday - Pilates with Nicole For stiff backs
Tuesday - Pilates with Jane for hips and knees
Wednesday - Pilates with Jane for pelvic floors
Friday - Pilates with Carmel body maintenance

NICE guidelines (NICE advises the NHS) following clinical trials using painkilling drugs for managing chronic pain, NICE are now recommending exercise therapy or alternative treatments such as acupuncture instead. Our clinic can help you get your fitness and your life back on track.

Find out more about our Pilates classes